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3 interesting

beginning with ‘Gather up the fragments that remain, that none be lost.’ John 6:12. Literally, don't waste food.


Here then is the pattern               Tho' Heaven has bless'd us

Which Jesus has set;                      With plenty of food:

Double column, double lined, 8 verses, in a double lined frame. 2 punched holes at the top. This printed ca, 1900. From the visitor’s dining room, Shaker Village, N.H.  $225.

           I am spending the day with the Shakers---- attended their meeting which was thronged today and felt that you would have enjoyed the scene exceedingly. We had dozens of  mediums.   The Sisters looked rather grotesque in their plain white hoopless habits------- all were dressed alike ------ all wore white muslin Crepes---the skirt pleated back from the front-------- broad pleat front & then narrow ones not unlike a shirt bosom on a large scale------ with kerchiefs laid smooth across   shoulders---- folded from corner to corner----- bobinet caps------long bodied cap(e?)s with a slightly pleated fill of same----- no ribon [sic] ---- that hid their faces better than our fashionable bonets [sic] do ours girls. ---- shoes with heels further  forward than is customary & much higher and Hkfs. 

CLARISSE OR THE OLD COOK. London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1926. Preface by A.B. Walkley. Written by an opinionated ‘French Connoisseur’ who is opinionated about his meals and his women. Written in prose style with interspersed recipes, but you must have a good accompanying wine, a source for leveret or venison, cream and eggs, a taste for the simple and good, and a nice table.


From the 1922 edition translated by ElisseVallee. This is the British publication in a VG jacket with the VG++ batik papered boards. A beautiful little publication and an exquisite little copy. 178 pages. $165.


Jane Eayer Fryer. THE MARY FRANCES COOK BOOK. Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Co., 1912. A cook book for GIRLS !—Chapter stories, pots and pans that talk. Delightful illustrations. A very good copy, penciled recipes on the end pages, with a bright but tatty dust jacket. $150.


Louise Bennett Weaver & Helen Cowles LeCron. A THOUSAND WAYS TO PLEASE A HUSBAND. THE ROMANCE OF COOKERY AND HOUSEKEEPING.  NY: A.L. Burt Company, 1917. 479 pages. 152 chapters of a plot line or scenario for Bettina and Bob, who are newly wed. and accompanying recipes— A First Dinner, A First Guest, Bettina’s Kitchen, A Motor Picnic, A Rainy Day Dinner, lots, lots more. A VG copy ! one page is torn at the edge and another page, 141, has red and green child scribble ! otherwise tight and clean. With a dust jacket.  $175.

- A THOUSAND WAYS TO PLEASE A FAMILY. WITH BETTINA’S BEST RECIPES. NY: A.L. Burt, 1922. 397 pages. 59 Chapters of more scenarios and seasonal cooking with Bettina’s family. Book 2 in the Bettina series of cookery books. With a tatty dust jacket.   $165.




Mrs. Hattie Burr. THE WOMAN SUFFRAGE COOK BOOK. CONTAINING THOROUGHLY TESTED AND RELIABLE RECIPES FOR COOKING, DIRECTIONS FOR THE CARE OF THE SICK, AND PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS CONTRIBUTED ESPECIALLY FOR THIS WORK. Boston: self published, 1890. Second edition. c.1886. 148 pages, a clean bright copy, printed paper boards, back hinge cracked but strong. A fund raising book for the movement--Raising consciousness through the kitchen. $450.


W.W. Kent. THE HOOKED RUG. NY: Tudor Publishing Company, 1941. C 1930. 210 pages. A VG/VG beautifully designed copy of this title. Black and white photograph illustrations. For beautification and warmth, from thriftiness and creativity. covering the similarities of other countries, patterns & techniques. $60.