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J. M Erich Weber. PRAKTISCHE KONDITOREI-KUNST. “PRA-KO-KU” DAS GROSSE KONDITOREN-FACHWERK DER WELT. Dresden, 1924. 90 color plates, of cake and pastry designs.  11 ½ x 12 “.   Missing the stencils. Bumped edges and a bit wobbly, still an impressive pastry cookbook. $225.


Georg Steinberger. MODERNE TORTEN- VERZIERUNGEN.  78 MODERNE VORLAGEN EIGENE ENTWURFE MIT KLAREN ERLÅUTERUNGEN.  Bayern, 1910.  Gray cloth covers, 40 color plates, pastel color designs.  12 x12 “ a very clean sturdy copy. With the original cardboard envelope. $375.


A. Heckmann. SUSSE KUNST. Nordhausen: 1930. impressive 'look book' of cakes and pastries with recipes, in German language, 10 x 14". in very good, bright and clean condition. $300.

Lucy W. Bostwick. MARGERY DAW’S HOME CONFECTIONERY. New York: Brentano’s, 1891. Silk cloth with a stamped gold colored bon-bon. 46 pages + blanks.  16mo. A tiny bit of foxing and front cover stain.

Candy making at home, simple recipes, no pictures.  $ 125.

Mme. Blanche. CAKES FOR WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES. Self published 1914. Bakery shop brochure with photographs of cakes. 243 East 57th Street, New York. 22 pages, 32mo. Title page, portrait page of Mme. Blanche Le Ralac, pricing page. Shop established in 1904. $150.

Yogi Wassan. SECRETS OF THE HIMALAYAN MOUNTAIN MASTERS AND LADDER TO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. India, 1927.  413 pages.  Essays covering Yogi Wassan Plans; Hindu Yoga Yug; How to Recharge and Vibrate Everything; How I Bathe My Eyes; How I Make Home Made Candy; What Padam Concentration Really Is; The Magnetic Tones; Vibrating Mind Brain; Chant Chart; Maha Atma Bramvidya Brahm Giyan, Vigiyan, Jeven Mukti--many many essays for climbing the ladder included are food recipes and instructions for their preparation. This is a signed copy.

From the web is a small essay about Yogi Wassan, born in the Punjab region of India and immigrated to Portland, Ore., in 1905, and there, worked as a labourer. Finding that sort of work was not his calling, he traveled to Southern California where he developed a cottage industry as a Yogi and there, had a large following.

Green textured cloth covers with gilt stamped titles, 408 + 5 unnumbered pages of Contents. This copy has a 1939 printers mark x’ed next to the last page. $450.



Tanaquil LeClercq. THE BALLET COOK BOOK. New York: Stein & Day, 1966. Even if you don’t cook from it, the pictures of the dancers are so captivating. 424 pages, with the distinctive gold jacket.  This is an inscribed copy, without a DJ. Scarce, precious and so evocative of her. $700.

Another copy . with a dust jacket. $450.

Amelia Simmons. AMERICAN COOKERY. NY: Oxford University Press, 1958. A facsimile of the first edition.  a limited edition, in original mylar jacket, in a slipcase. Near fine.  Introductory essay by Mary Tolford Wilson.   a true American cookbook,  with the modern addition of a chemical leavening, pearlash.  $60.


Princess Pamela. SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK. NY: New American Library, Signet, 1969. First printing.  From The Little Kitchen on East 10th Street in NYC.  Recipes on the right side of the open book and a quote from Pamela on the left page. 248 pages, the 1969 paperback was the only printing.  An unused copy. $80.

 The Ladies of Toronto and Chief Cities and Towns in Canada. THE HOME COOKBOOK. TRIED, TESTED, PROVED.  Toronto: Rose Publishing Company. N.d. ca. between 1883 & 1894. A book with a very checkered and long history of printed editions, see Elizabeth Driver: A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825-1949, pp 322-337, with all its variants.  This copy is a ‘Fiftieth Edition’ and does contain the Carrot Pudding recipe  (Page  197) contributed by Mrs. McMaster, founder of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. A good clean copy, toned papers, owner sig, Louie Mayfair Toronto/82 on the FFP. $175.

Mrs. A.P. Hill. HOUSEKEEPING MADE EASY. MRS. HILL’S NEW FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK FOR THE KITCHEN. A PRACTICAL SYSTEM FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. NY: Wm. L. Allison & Co., 1869. C.1867. 427 +7 pages of publisher’s advertising.  A ‘good’ copy. ‘Kitchen’ repairs to the cover, text block firmly anchored to the covers though somewhere in the middle some pages are not plumb to the book.  All pages present. Cooking and household recipes, first aid remedies for home and for those who could have suffered injury in the war.  Damon L. Fowler wrote an introduction
to the 1995 University of South Carolina edition and graciously acknowledges Karen Hess, her guidance and scholarship and vast collection of reference  material. We get a thorough perspective of Mrs. Hill and her rightful place in American cookbook history.

Diana Kennedy. THE CUISINES OF MEXICO. NY: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1972. Stated first edition. a very good copy, book and jacket, stain on the  EP and faintly on the page before it. signed by Kennedy on the title page ‘Buenprovecho Diana Kennedy’-- Full of stories, history and recipes.  $150.

F.S. Bodenheimer. INSECTS AS HUMAN FOOD. The Hague: Dr. W. Junk, Publishers, 1951. Anthropological studies throughout the world. Spiders, ants, beetles, grubs, bees, locusts, stink bugs too. Insect consumption from pre-history to the present day. While there are no recipes a description of how they were prepared was recorded. An extensive bibliography. 352 pages. in clean tight condition. $175.

Patrick Rance. THE FRENCH CHEESE BOOK. London: Macmillan, 1989. 1se printing. Signed by the author on the title page. A near fine copy. 562 pages. $90.

Gertrude Mann. A BOOK OF CAKES.  London: Andre Deutsch,  1957. A less than perfect copy, an ex-lib, with inside cover library markings and a card pocket, cellotape residue, a bit of sunning from a fold but clean and no smells inside. A charming size and dj cover.  $75.

Embroidery designs  in a hand sewn, with metallic thread, booklet. Early 19th century, England, ink designs on watermarked paper, J Green & Son 1829. 14 drawings, 12 in the booklet, one design with a 1 fold page design and another with a 2 fold page design. Suitable for framing.  $95.

Cabinet Card. MINCE PIE. Sitting on a milk glass plate, late 19th century albumen print - 4 ¾ x 3 ¾”  mounted on card 5½ x 6 ½ in total. $150.

Elizabeth Lucas. MRS. LUCAS’S FRENCH COOKERY BOOK.  London: Christophers, 1929.  Easy to follow recipes, if you know what’s what in a kitchen- no illustrations. In dictionary form—a bold type title followed by the steps, making it far easier, I would think, to cook. 231 pages, a little foxing, on the outer page edges, a bright jacket—maybe unused. $75.


N. Beth Bailey. MEAL PLANNING AND TABLE SERVICE. Illinois: The Manual Arts Press, 1924. The etiquette of entertaining-- on a small scale, how to how entertain and the protocol at the table. $45.


Bert Milton. HOW TO BEHAVE AT A BANQUET.  Boston: A. M. Davis Company, 1912. A humorous few pages of How To Behave, presumably by the comedian Milton Berle? Cloth napkin cover. Clean and ironed.  Very funny stuff.  6 folded pages. $60.

A large 13" circular bowl made by Beatrice Wood. This bowl 'glows' with her characteristic opalescent glaze she used in her pottery designs. The motif is a beautiful Madonna and Child- a Madonna who looks very much like Beatrice Wood. Signed 'Beato' on the back. No edge chips, a hairline crack in the glaze, appears to be part of the firing. $3500.