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F.S. Bodenheimer. INSECTS AS HUMAN FOOD. The Hague: Dr. W. Junk, Publishers, 1951. Anthropological studies throughout the world. Spiders, ants, beetles, grubs, bees, locusts. An extensive bibliography. 352 pages. Slightly cocked, in clean tight condition. $165.

2 newly acquired Canadian Cookbooks.

16 PAGES OF NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS SCRAPBOOK. pasted over the Pembroke Conservatory of Ontario program booklet. additional paste-ons-on the front and back covers. Dated 1916.  from  housewife in Guelph, Ontario. $95.

The Ladies of Noyan, Province of Quebec, Canada. THE FAMILY COOK BOOK. Bedford: A.T. Gould, 1911. 130 pages. Includes business advertising. And recipes have contributor’s names. Mahogany cloth cover, restored endpages. Tight binding. Eliz. Driver Q 70.1 p.130.  $325.

S I G N E D   B O O K S

Madeleine Kamman. THE MAKING OF A COOK. NY: Atheneum, 1971. A TV chef with a French accent, author of When French Women Cook-- easier haute. 559 pages, red end pages, deckled edges, dust jacket, fine insides, previous owners signature on FEP. Madeleine’s signature on title page, dated ’98. $150.

ENGLISH BREAD AND YEAST COOKERY.Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1987. 1977. Paperbound copy, with a signature of Elizabeth David on the title page. A very good, clean copy that has a small moisture stain on the front cover. $365.

Maida Heatter. NEW BOOK OF GREAT DESSERTS. NY: Alfred Knopf, 1982.  First edition, stated. A near fine copy in a near fine dust jacket,

in a protective sleeve. 468 pages. $125.


A  small broadside that would be in the dining halls where the guests ate with the Shakers. beginning with Gather up the fragments that remain, that none be lost.’ John 6:12.

Here then is the pattern               Tho' Heaven has bless'd us

Which Jesus has set;                      With plenty of food:

Double column, double lined, 8 verses, in a double lined frame. 2 punched holes at the top. This printed ca, 1900. From the visitor’s dining room, Shaker Village, N.H.  unframed. $225.

Descriptions of the clothing worn in 1857.

A 2 page handwritten letter by C. J. Cowles of Charlottesville N.C., who was a cousin of Livinia Andrews of New Britain, Ct.  C.J. who was  disappointed that Livinia wasn’t able to join her for the meeting in Shaker Village, known also as Watervliet. 

The letter gives a interesting description of what she saw and experienced.  Dated August 9 1857.  

The letter was dispatched from Albany as a ‘free’ letter meaning the postage was paid by C.J. Cowles and the carrier would not need to collect a stamp fee from Lavinia Andrews. $300.

           I am spending the day with the Shakers---- attended their meeting which was thronged today and felt that you would have enjoyed the scene exceedingly. We had dozens of  mediums.   The Sisters looked rather grotesque in their plain white hoopless habits------- all were dressed alike ------ all wore white muslin Crepes---the skirt pleated back from the front-------- broad pleat front & then narrow ones not unlike a shirt bosom on a large scale------ with kerchiefs laid smooth across   shoulders---- folded from corner to corner----- bobinet caps------long bodied cap(e?)s with a slightly pleated fill of same----- no ribon  ---- that hid their faces better than our fashionable bonets  do ours girls. ---- shoes with heels further  forward than is customary & much higher and Hkfs. 

Edward Deming Andrews and Faith Andrews. SHAKER HERBS AND HERBALISTS. Stockbridge: Berkshire Garden Center, Inc., 1959. 16 pages. card covers, stapled pamphlet. A small tribute to the herb growers by the pre-eminent collectors of Shaker culture. Naming brothers, names of herbs grown, bits of Shaker life. $15.

A small dessert plate, white, sturdy, 7 1/4" ca. 1945. back marks, Walker China, from Redford Ohio. 11-45.   $200.


CLARISSE OR THE OLD COOK. London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1926. Preface by A.B. Walkley. Written by an opinionated ‘French Connoisseur’ who is opinionated about his meals and his women. Written in prose style with interspersed recipes, but you must have a good accompanying wine, a source for leveret or venison, cream and eggs, a taste for the simple and good, and a nice table.

--From the 1922 edition translated by Elisse Vallee. This is the British publication in a VG jacket with the VG++ batik papered boards. A beautiful little publication and an exquisite little copy. 178 pages. $165.

CLARISSE OU LA VIEILLE CUISINIERE. Paris: Editions de l’Abeille d’Or, 1922. The first French edition of this book. Delightfully designed, in paper wraps, 199 pages + 7 leaves. A very good copy, light shelf wear, in the original glassine protection. Paste on titles on front and spine. $165.

Jane Eayer Fryer. THE MARY FRANCES COOK BOOK. Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Co., 1912. A cook book for GIRLS !—Chapter stories, pots and pans that talk. Delightful illustrations. A very good copy, penciled recipes on the end pages, with a bright but tatty dust jacket. $150.


Louise Bennett Weaver & Helen Cowles LeCron. A THOUSAND WAYS TO PLEASE A HUSBAND. THE ROMANCE OF COOKERY AND HOUSEKEEPING.  NY: A.L. Burt Company, 1917. 479 pages. 152 chapters of a plot line or scenario for Bettina and Bob, who are newly wed. and accompanying recipes— A First Dinner, A First Guest, Bettina’s Kitchen, A Motor Picnic, A Rainy Day Dinner, lots, lots more. A VG copy ! one page is torn at the edge and another page, 141, has red and green child scribble ! otherwise tight and clean. With a dust jacket.  $175.

- A THOUSAND WAYS TO PLEASE A FAMILY. WITH BETTINA’S BEST RECIPES. NY: A.L. Burt, 1922. 397 pages. 59 Chapters of more scenarios and seasonal cooking with Bettina’s family. Book 2 in the Bettina series of cookery books. With a tatty dust jacket.   $165.




Mrs. Hattie Burr. THE WOMAN SUFFRAGE COOK BOOK. CONTAINING THOROUGHLY TESTED AND RELIABLE RECIPES FOR COOKING, DIRECTIONS FOR THE CARE OF THE SICK, AND PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS CONTRIBUTED ESPECIALLY FOR THIS WORK. Boston: self published, 1890. Second edition. c.1886. 148 pages, a clean bright copy, printed paper boards, back hinge cracked but strong. A fund raising book for the movement--Raising consciousness through the kitchen. $450.


W.W. Kent. THE HOOKED RUG. NY: Tudor Publishing Company, 1941. C 1930. 210 pages. A VG/VG beautifully designed book. Black and white photograph illustrations. For beautification and warmth, from thriftiness and creativity  the similarities of the art in other countries, covering patterns & techniques. $60.



To drink tea ceremoniously, in the proper setting, with the correct tools, 2 early 19th century printed books, for the ceremony and for the setting.

61 Pages of printed text and illustrations. Showing water vessels, silk pouches, screens, covered bowls, food trays, teapots, whisks, furniture & lanterns and commentary for the tea ceremony. Sewn binding and many worm trails.

58 pages of commentary and diagrams of garden plans, indoor and outdoor lanterns, brooms, hibachi  trivets, water vessels. Worm trails, minus worms in both.   $325.







Rosemary Hemphill. FRAGRANCE AND FLAVOUR. THE GROWING AND USE OF HERBS. Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1973, c1961. 107 pages, hardcover with jacket. Light foxing to the edges. Less scholarly than Rohde or Grieve. $22.


Dorothy Allhusen.  A BOOK OF SCENTS AND DISHES. London: Williams & Norgate Ltd., 1934. c.1926. a charitable collection of recipes that were gathered from friends and acquaintances from Lady Grace Barry to Vita Sackville West. 258 pages, very decorative boards and a scarce dust jacket. From soups to pot pourri. $145.


W.C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman. GARDEN RUBBISH. AND OTHER COUNTRY BUMPS. London: Methuen, 1964, c1936. 125 pages, illustrated by Stephen Dowling. More humor from British gardeners. $25.

Mrs. J. Bartley. INDIAN COOKERY. “GENERAL,” FOR YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS, CONTAINING NUMEROUS RECIPES BOTH USEFUL AND ORIGINAL. BY AN ANGLO INDIAN. Bombay: The Army & Navy Co-operative Society, Ltd., 1923. 195 + xii. Sixth edition revised and enlarged. Stiff boards with a tape like spine, missing some pieces, slight bows to the edges but very clean and tight inside.

747 numbered recipes + 1 unnumbered- shin stew, tables of measures, and hints, index, fish names, vegetable names, seed & spice names. And a preface of KITCHEN REQUISITES. Mostly Indian, some British and American added. $200.

George Ordish. VINEYARDS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. London: Faber & Faber, 1977. 186 pages. nearly new, with a dust wrapper. Bibliography & references. $25.

Hugo Munsterberg. THE FOLK ARTS OF JAPAN. Rutland: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1982, c1958. 12th printing. 168 pages. near fine, with dust jacket and slipcase. Listed here because of the many kitchen and household arts pictured, fabrics, pottery, wooden ware, baskets, and house exteriors. $60.



‘The house, like all such houses, had its uninteresting end toward the street; and here, attached to the house, was a “lean-to” or shed, with a small circular window. This was probably a kitchen, as a gateway is seen in the sketch, which led to the kitchen-garden.’ A description of a very old house in Kioto.

Edward S. Morse. JAPANESE HOMES AND THEIR SURROUNDINGS. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1895. 372 pages. very clean, tight binding. with many illustrations by the author. A book covering many aspects of 19th century Japanese life. Covering House Construction; Carpenters Tools; City and Country Houses; Shingled Roofs; Tiled Roofs; Thatched Roofs; Interiors, Plans, Mats Sliding Screens; Interiors Showing Tonkonoma and Chigai-Dana; Tea Rooms; Kura Interiors, Doors; Ceiling, Ramma, Windows; Portable Screens, Curtains; Kitchens, Stairways; Bathing Conveniences; Pillows, Hibachi, and Tabako-Bon; Candlesticks, lamps, shrines; Privies; Entrance Hall; Verandah and Balcony; Amado; Chodzu-Bachi; Gateways; Fences; Stone Lanterns; Garden Bridges; Summer Houses, Windows, and Paths; Flower Pots, Dwarf Trees; Garden Views; Wells and Water Supplies; Flowers; and other Miscellaneous topics with illustrations. Very informative to understanding the eastern perspective of aesthetics.   $95.